Gibbs Trade to Relax

I just traded Gibbs and one of my first rounders for a 1st rounder. 2nd rounder and 1st in 25. In our league this allows me to use the 1st in the draft.

I dealt with Swift and Jameson being coddled (in my view) and simply want no more to do with Detroit. I have traded Jameson as well.

Life is too short. :slight_smile:

I have watched and assessed college players for many a year. I made this trade and a number of others because I believe the 2024 draft will be the best in my memory, It is just loaded.

I now have 3 of the top 6 1st rounders and 2 of the top 4 2nd rounders, based on league projections. I am very happy.

I spent the day on college games, reports, etc. Their season is half over and at this point the draft may very well be the best I have seen.

We are looking at 4 #1 QBs, 7 #1 WRs, 4-5 #2 ranked RBs
which are tops in fantasy and a HOF TE.

This group of WRs reminds of 2 years ago but better. There are another 2-3 players who got injured early but were top ranked coming in.

I’s gonna be some fun

I’m watching CBS Fantasy and Jamey said Detroit HC Campbell called Gibbs a
“gimmick guy.” Why the hell do you draft a RB at #12 with the HC thinking that?