Forum Playoff Rules and Picks- Wk 2

Some fun Kevin, Thanks.

Just a deadline reminder that picks need to be in today.

Here are my picks for week 2:

|QB|Trevor Lawrence|
|RB|Christian McCaffrey|
|RB|Miles Sanders|
|WR|Ja’Marr Chase|
|WR|Ceedee Lamb|
|TE|Travis Kelce|
|K|Graham Gano|

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Hey Richmond Webb, need a lineup ASAP!

Sent hism a message as well.

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Aside from the lineups that are already posted here, these are the others I’ve received:

Mahomes (KC)
McCaffrey (SF)
M. Saners (Phi)
Lamb (Dall) - looks like we were mostly all on this one
Diggs (Buff)
Engram (Jax)
Gano (NYG)
Bengals (Cin)

August 12
Mahomes (KC)
Etienne (Jax)
McCaffrey (SF)
Higgins (Cin)
D. Smith (Phi)
Schultz (Dall)
Gano (NYG)
Bills (Buff)

Still waiting on Richmond Webb’s (Tim"s)

Scores for the Division round and total points (entrants ordered by total points)

SoBe717 131.05/299.85
kevinhalla 103/279.55
ZakHH 103.25/272.05
edmcgon 103.24/264.24
Richmond Webb 77.65/253.7
blffan4 83.65/246.05
August 12 80.35/235.1

I will make a new thread for Championship Week rosters and will add this message at the top.

The perfect lineup this week was as follows:
QB: J. Allen (Buff): 19.85
RB: J. Mixon (Cin): 21.3
S. Barkley (NYG): 9.2
WR: C. Lamb (Dall): 19.3
C. Kirk (Jax): 16.5
TE: T. Kelce (KC): 28.8
K: R, Gould (SF): 16.7
D: Eagles (Phi): 17.0
TOTAL: 148.65


What was the highest scoring player at every position?

QB: Hurts 25.1
RB, WR, TE, K, D are all reflected in the perfect lineup above.

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No better RB than Barkley? Pretty sad.

Yes but you have to play one player from each team so who do you want to substitute for Barkley, Gainwell and his 20.6 pts, we’ll then you have to play the Giants D which scored -0.5. Or do you want to play McCaffrey who scored 14.7? Then you have to play Gano who got 1 pt in place of Gould. The highest scoring single player at each position EXCEPT for QB, was 1 of the players in the perfect lineup.

But yeah, pretty sad. The Giants were a black hole for fantasy points and then there was no stand out at QB, RB or WR so it actually took awhile of going back and forth to figure out the perfect lineup for this week. I initially thought Gano would be the Giant in the lineup but Gould had such a high scoring day, it ended up being Barkley. Hoping for some better scoring this week but with the NFC defenses and Mahomes injury, I’m not so sure.

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I never would have picked Gainwell, although I am looking at a comparable WR for this week .

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I gave serious, serious consideration to starting Tyler Boyd last week which now looks completely asinine but with them starting the backup lineman, I figured the slot receiver could see a lot of action. Sometimes the best moves are the ones you DON’T make.

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FantasyPro’s Game Day feature gives a quick overview for that.