Need some help on RB/WR to play this week

I have my 2 starting WR spots set - Waddle and Pittman Jr.

Need to figure out my 2 starting RBs and Flex spot. Here are the candidates:
RBs: Swift, Robinson Jr., Kyren Williams, Zonovan Knight and Mostert
WR (option for flex): Peoples-Jones

Currently thinking:
RB - Robinson Jr.
RB - Swift or Kyren Williams or Zonovan Knight (depending on Carter)
Flex - Swift or William or Knight or Peoples-Jones

Thoughts or advice?

Welcome aboard!

I like what you’re thinking.

I’d put Knight in the 2nd RB position, since the Jets have declared Carter as doubtful.

For the flex spot, I would take DPJ for his floor (especially with Watson starting this week), but I’d take Swift for his ceiling.

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I gotta advise caution on this Knight character. Nobody had heard of him until a week ago. Just because he happens to be thrust in to a starting role because the three RBs ahead of him on the depth chart got hurt doesn’t mean he’s going to be any good at it–he’s still the 4th string RB for the Jets.

People need to pump the brakes a bit before just accepting him as the trendy play of the week.