Help wthe start sit week 11

I need help with my lineup for this week 1/2 PPR 10 team. I am 5-5 going up against no.2 team

QB: Kyler
WR: Pitman, Meyers, Rondale, Tonney, Palmar
Behch: Chase, Mike Williams

RB: JT, Kamara, Foreman, Gus Edwards
TE: Higbee

We are not here to manage your team. We are here to help and answer questions. Thing is you have to ask one to get an answer. :slight_smile:

which 3 WRs should I consider starting?
should i Flex foreman / Gus or go with another WR instead?

Outside of Hurts, JMeyers, T & Kamara, i am unsure on the rest of the lineup

  • would go Pittman, Meyers and Toney. IF Mike Williams plays he is a high risk getting over a high ankle sprain. I wait a week. Hollywood is due back and will take targets from Rondale.

Gus is limited in practice and tuff to trust. Panthers should be more of a split as we see from Foreman’s drop in point projection. I go Rondale.*

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thanks for your help this season, i couldnt break 500 with my current roster so I missed playoffs.
will hope for a better draft next season.