FantasyPros manual draft problems

Upgraded to a paid account for Fantasy Pros this year. I wanted to do a manual draft during my league’s draft so that I could use the same tools in the real draft that I use during practice. Our league’s site is on ESPN. I didn’t sync it up, I just wanted to do it by hand as we have a guy that enters the picks for us to be displayed on a big screen.

The manual draft system performed so poorly that it effectively ruined my draft. I clicked the button to “draft a player” to a team and it added the next three players to the respective teams. I never found a way to undo a draft or move a player and it caused my browser to run slow. This happened several times in the first round. By the second round, I was unable to really keep up and the data was so bad that projecting who would be available for my next pick or even who I had on my team already was impossible. I ended up just using the ESPN default rankings and picking from whom I could see and from memory.

Absolutely terrible experience. The fact that on a manual draft there isn’t an undo button is astonishing to me. The amount of prep that I did to walk into a draft and have zero tools available to me really, really upsets me.

On top of that, I quickly realized that the rankings on ESPN were quite different from the ones on fantasy pros. So much so, that several draft picks that I made were laughed at as I was picking people that no one expected to even be taken as my starters. Most notably, I drafted Darren Waller as my tight end. He’s the #4 tight end on fantasy pros and has a supposed ADP of 56. He’s listed as the #30 tight end on ESPN?

Also, the rankings as I look at the home page tonight are Jefferson, McCaffery, Chase, Chubb, Kelce, Hill, Robinson, Ekeler, Kupp.

This is fairly different from the rankings that I’ve seen on this sight when I do a mock or simulated draft. I don’t understand what is going on here? How can the rankings change so much? Why aren’t those changes reflected in the cheat sheet creators, suggestions, or other items on the site? How can the rankings on ESPN be so drastically different from fantasy pros?

See, you’re getting smarter already.

Money well spent.