ESPN Draft Sync Issues with Live Drafts

Hey, just putting a hook out in the water to see if this issue is prevalent more than I think.

Been having issues for years with Synced Draft Assistant for live ESPN “mock” or “actual drafts”.

It doesn’t matter if draft from a personal computer or work computer. I get to my pick sometimes and the draft board gets jagged and cheat sheets revert to full sheets showing none of the players that were drafted.

It’s created chaos because I use the draft sheets digitally obviously and this makes for having to hop onto the ESPN platform and look at ESPN players at their ADP, searching from memory who I was hoping to add from my own tiers on fantasy pros now that they’ve glitched out and are unreliable at the moment.

Funny thing is, after I draft the player from ESPN sometimes Fantasy pros draft assistant will re-sync back and be fine. Sometimes it’ll continually lose sync when it’s my pic. It’s madenning. Been like this for 3 years.

Worked with Alain on the Devs team for like 3 weeks this year sending him browser console errors in hopes the team could do a patch to correct. But they have issues getting allowances or responses from Google for Chrome and Firefox and it’s extensions have given me the same problem.

I’ve obviously deleted and reinstalled fresh extensions, updated chrome and all those things, tried different browsers yada yada yada.

In the end fantasy pros devs are at a loss and say sorry for the bugs on the ESPN side.

Anyone else having to deal with this too, or am I a unicorn???

Yes my ESPN draft was aweful the sync worked for about two rounds and then constant manual refresh. At one point FP had justin jefferson available in the 15th round

yes . I just had my draft and I had to constantly resync to show the players drafted and to show players maximum bids. this was ESPN as well. This was especially critical during the dollar type draft at the end where I could not get it refreshed quickly enough. I expect a little bit better service for the money I paid on this.