Want to switch our league from ESPN to FantasyPros

Dumb question but… How do we who have used ESPN’s fantasy football format for years switch to the FantasyPros for all activities? Draft, Trades, waiver wire, etc. and use this site exclusively? or can’t we? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Unless I missed something, FantasyPros does not host any fantasy leagues. You will find lots of information, rankings and league tools here, but no league hosting.

Thanks Zak!

After looking closer, that’s what I figured, it would be nice to use their interface to draft rather than ESPN’s. I’ll have to try and figure out how to do that come draft time. Thanks!


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They have a draft assistant for that purpose. You can install it as an add-on to your browser, and it will show as an overlay in your ESPN draft window.

Don’t ask me about more details, though, never used it myself. And I think you need a paid membership here to be able to use it.