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I have been using Fantasy Pros for about 5 years now, and every season- in every league- when I use the draft assistant with sync, it has never worked properly. I’ve seen it lose it sync, I’ve seen it enter picks that never happened, and I’ve seen it completely sabotage my draft by losing its mind right around the 10th round.

I have tried everything over the years that help articles have suggested (browsers, extensions, etc.). Going into this year, I just want to know what can be done to make this software actually work perfectly on draft night. Please help


Cancelling your subscription has reportedly improved many users’ experience with the software.

Welcome aboard!

Fantasy Pros is good for some things, not so much for others.

Their individual player updates are awesome. Their rankings and articles are also awesome. Their podcasts are amazing! Their forum is awesome, although I’m biased. Everything else is hit and miss.

My advice: Listen to their podcasts for months before you draft, then go to your draft and use the player available lists based on ADP. As you go thru the draft, you can look down that list and decide who you want based on what you have heard.

That said, you have watched enough football (right?) to know what suggestions they make to accept or reject? Don’t get me wrong, I love the FP’s and their opinions, but they don’t always mesh with what I’ve seen. I am prepared to reject their ideas and run with my own. Don’t be afraid to do the same.

My concern is more so the sync than the suggestions. If the draft wizard does not sync properly, and eliminate players from my custom cheat sheet, than it throws off my top available. There has to be a way to make that live assitant work and sync properly

Having problems over and over again and waiting for a magical change is exercising futility. I have to move on.

I feel like it shouldnt take magic to fix such a simple aspect of the site. Its been horrible for a decade, and everything else they do has such a level of excellence. Why cant we just find a way to fix this sync?

Not sure who you mean with “we” here. I am yet to see anybody from FP posting in this forum. The people you are talking to here are fantasy football fans, just like yourself, and not affiliated with FantasyPros in any way. So “we” certainly won’t fix anything here.

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They don’t view these forums as part of their product’s quality evaluations? Seems like it would be a pretty basic best practice for knowing the pulse of their customer base’s satisfaction. Maybe not; I dont know. Perhaps I should be emailing them. But has no one here EVER found a way to make the live draft assistant with sync actually work?

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Once you realize that you’re better off without a draft assistant, you will have learned a lesson that was worth the price of the subscription.

If they do, they keep it a secret.

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I’m completely on board. Yahoo is fine for me. ESPN is a nightmare and the last 3 years it’s been horrible. Completely eff’d my drafts. I’ve been working with the devs guy name Alain. He has no idea how to fix it. I just posted a post similar to yours not seeing this come up beside it till now.

Did you ever find a resolution?

I’ve used sync from the start and never had an issue with any yahoo draft.

Agreed, myself included for Yahoo. How about ESPN?

I just tried it. What a waste of f money. I am so pissed off.

What a fiasco.
What a rip off.

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