Fantasy points for players

have few questions about fantasy point missed…Bucks and KC game Travis Kelce ran one yard for TD but doesn’t show up in his stats plus no FF points…
This week FF points for Lamar Jackson are different from ESPN and Fantasy Pros…

any input?

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Welcome aboard!

This comes down to specific league rules.

Sometimes, commissioners can setup leagues so that certain positions can only score certain kinds of points, in certain situations. Also, certain league setups online, such as ESPN, only allow certain possible scoring possibilities (i.e. you can’t get points for a safety from a QB, but you can for a DST, to use an extreme example).

Fantasy Pros tends to take a more generalized view of scoring, although I give them credit for giving the usual breakdowns, such as standard/half PPR/PPR.

You mentioned Kelce’s td run, and I would counter with Taysom Hill’s td runs. They show up in most places fantasy point totals, even if the actual stats don’t show in the breakdowns. So he will get the points in the FP column (or however they label it), but there won’t be a rushing totals for TE’s, because that is such a rare occurrence that most platforms don’t include it.

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thank you! for taken the time!

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