The Holy Grail of Kicker Scoring

I have finally discovered the Holy Grail of kicker scoring, that actually makes kickers close to WR’s and RB’s.

Here is the scoring system:

FG’s 0-29 yards: 3 points
FG’s 30-39 yards: 4 points
FG’s 40-49 yards: 6 points
FG’s 50+ yards: 7 points
Missed FG’s 0-49 yards: -3 points
XP made: 3 points
XP missed: -3 points

Range of total scores in top 25 at various positions (PPR):

Kickers: 142-79
QB’s: 198.52-94.12
WR’s: 179.6-97.4
RB’s: 174.7- 82.6
TE’s: 146.8- 40
DST’s: 92-42

Next year, I will try increasing the “made FG’s” scoring to see if I can get them fully in line with the RB’s and WR’s. With a 32 point difference on the high end, that is easily a one point adjustment to a scoring category.


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That’s not too far from the scoring I introduced in my main dynasty 2 years ago:

FG’s 0-39 yards: 3 points
FG’s 40-49 yards: 4 points
FG’s 50-59 yards: 6 points
FG’s 60+ yards: 9 points

Missed FG’s 0-29 yards: -3 points
Missed FG’s 30-49 yards: -1 points
Missed FG’s 50+ yards: no penalty

XP made: 1 points
XP missed: -1 points

Top Ks score 12+ PPG, average ones around 9, bad ones 6-7. And there’s one K almost every week scoring around 20 FFP.

I had toyed with some settings to widen the gap, but that led to some pretty random results. As kicker play tends to be random enough as it is (I’m no longer opposed to do away with the K and DST position), I did not find that desirable.

The team owners in that league seems to be pretty happy with the current settings.

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You’re close. I could alternatively go for fewer negative points for missed FG’s? But I’m gonna shoot for the positive points first. We’ll see.

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Who cares what the top 25 Ks do when only 10 or 12 of them are rostered?

Who cares if they score 10 points a week or 100 points a week, you can only compare them to other kickers anway, not the other positions (unless of course you can start a K in a QB or RB slot in your league).

Just make it 0.1 pts x the length of the FG, and be done with it.

I am more concerned with the top of the range than the bottom, but I include that for comparison.

I tested that with last year’s stats, and it really didn’t get me anywhere.