Fantasy Player of the Week, Week 4

It was an ugly week for my teams, only winning 1 of my 5 games. So my best player was a repeat player of the week: WR Davante Adams, who scored 19.5 fantasy points.

Who was your fantasy player of the week?

You really need to ask? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, that’s the only glee you will hear from me, promised. :sweat_smile:
Also, it’s difficult for me to nominate Jacobs, as he did help me in the South Beach league, but broke my neck in my tournament league in what looked like a safe W.

In detail:

SFLEX dynasty: Austin Ekeler for sure. Did I trigger him when I said last week that I did not expect him to score many TDs? If so… I’m sure this week was a total fluke, he probably won’t score another TD for the season, he’s not an RB1 anymore. :sweat_smile:
Anyway, safe W, even though my WRs and even the ever reliable Mark Andrews put up concerning numbers.

1QB dynasty: Jared Goff, no questions asked. Didn’t salvage my poor TNF performance (Chase, Waddle, Miami D), though. Lost by 14 in a game that I could have narrowly won, going by projections.

South Beach redraft: Gotta go with Jacobs here, sorry. He scored 20 points above projections.

US-EU redraft: Goff again. And again, it didn’t help, as my opponent started Hockenson. Clear L in a matchup in which was trailing only by a few points in projections.

SFLEX tournament: No one. Some were okay, most of them sucked. Should have paired Dalton and Olave, but didn’t dare to. So I got defeated thanks to Jacobs, in a matchup that I should have won.

Conclusion: my player of the week is Jared Goff, with honorable mentions for Josh Jacobs and Austin Ekeler.

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