Fantasy Fickle Finger of Fate in Ranks

At the end of last season Managers were up in arms and vowing to never again go near McCaffrey, Elliot, Barkley, Jones and to a lessor degree Henry, cook and Adams, etc. Time for a changing of the guard and early ranks reflected it.

FF to today. Little has changed. Most all appears to be forgiven and forgotten…

Your thoughts?

I wouldn’t touch CMC or Barkley, and I didn’t last year. As for the rest, if they fell in a draft, I might consider them, but they would have to fall far, and I haven’t seen that in mock drafts so far.

Adams is the only one I might expend draft capital on, but he is usually grabbed in the first or early second round. I wouldn’t group him with the rest of these guys. While he is older, he doesn’t have an injury history.

If anyone swore off of Derrick Henry when he was still a top 5 RB six weeks after being injured, they need to quit fantasy football forever.

After talking with Zak I was thinking that maybe we could trade you to Germany Fantasy for a late round pick or a becks.

However, the international repercussions would be too great. Appears we are stuck with ya. “Lucky us.” JK/LOL

You misheard me, I said “as much Becks as I can drink” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: