FAB Waiver Advice

He reminds me of TBBT’s Sheldon Cooper, only even more annoying. Knows everything in theory (or at least thinks he does), but often falls flat in practice. Especially when it involves interacting with other human beings in a civilized manner, or being part of a group.

His ego longs for the big stage. That he still chose this rather small-ish forum is probably owed to the fact that it’s largely unmoderated. I can only guess that he overstayed his welcome in other forums with a shorter moderation leash. Community managers usually don’t like keeping toxic elements around. Their trolling tends to bring out the worst in other people, and I’m afraid we are all guilty of having stepped into that trap to some extent.

Since his attitude makes it impossible to have a civilized discourse with him, I decided to ignore him.


Great comparison Zak. Difference is that Sheldon actually KNEW what he was an arrogant pain in the ass about. LOL

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