New Manager Dropped Dalvin Cook

A new manager dropped Dalvin Cook, and as far as I know it was intentional. Should I step in as Commish and reverse it or would that be unfair to those (unlike me) who have saved their FAAB dollars? Normally I prefer a hands-off approach, as we have no trade approval requirement or can’t cut list, but this blunder might go too far in tipping the competitive balance. What do you think?

If somebody does something stupid like that, unless they contact you and beg “please take it back, didn’t mean it!”, then you turn a blind eye to it. The only time I would be suspicious of that is during the playoffs, when only a limited number of teams have a need. That reeks of collusion, and I’d draw the line there as commish, and I did exactly that last season. The players involved are still pissed at me. You have to be thick-skinned to be a commish.

In my leagues, I would not allow it, and have a word with that owner. He’s either trolling or completely clueless. Both will hurt the league, even if it’s a redraw. You don’t need such owners.

Thanks guys for the feedback. I ended up not intervening. I’m sure it wasn’t trolling or collusion, just a really dumb move by an inexperienced manager. I figure some lessons need to be learned the hard way, and not dropping your best player because of a bye is one of them. I also like that the manager who picked up Cook was rewarded for having and using enough FAAB dollars, and just for paying attention (many managers didn’t see the Saturday drop and failed to make a bid). A couple years back I reversed a transaction when a manager dropped Ezekiel Elliot right before he ended his hold out, but I think it’s best for a Commish not to be bailing out his league mates when they make a major screw-up. Consequences are the best teacher.

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You should absolutely intervene as commissioner. You’re saying consequences are the best teacher, but the other people in the league did nothing wrong, Things like this completely ruin a fantasy season. Now that one person who picked up Cook will benefit majorly from that one newbie’s mistake, and the rest of the league will suffer. Also, I’m not sure what kind of people are in your league if they’re dropping Elliot and Dalvin Cook.

Thanks sheebzus0, this was a tough call, but I don’t think it turned out unfair to other managers because they could have picked up Cook had they been paying attention and made a high enough bid. In fact, over half the league could have outbid the winning bidder… Dummy me I wasted too much FAAB early on or I’d have been the lucky one.

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Might be a good idea to reach out to the other owners during the offseason and get their vote on how they would like such a situation to be resolved in the future.

I had that happen last week with a different player and I reversed it. It’s not fair to the rest of the league (besides the manager that ends up with him), as that could make someone a league winner. I’d communicate with him to find out why he would have done it and then let him know that’s not how we do things in fantasy football. Good luck!