Whether to use high waiver priority number of a Kicker or Defense

Managers are dropping Top 5-8 Defenses and Top 5-8 Kickers during their BYES.

Please provide general advice about whether it ever makes sense to use a high waiver priority number (like 1-3 waiver priority number) to pick up a Top 5-8 Defense or Top 5-8 Kicker, especially when the waiver wire for RB, WR and TE is pretty mediocre at this point in the season.

It depends on what you need. I would use the waiver priority on QB-RB-WR first, and then on TE- K-DST after that.


That depends on a multitude of factors. What are your roster needs, what options are available, and - most importantly - how do the owners usually act (and what are the league settings)?

In my one league where we use waiver priority, hardly anybody ever bids on Ks and DSTs. I’m in rebuild mode there, so I have #1 priority there almost every week. But I won’t use it on Ks and DSTs, as I can usually just add them after waivers unlock.

In another league (using FAAB there), I’m about the only owner who’s streaming K and DST. Again, I hardly ever make waiver bids for those positions (not even $0 ones), and instead just add the K or DST I want to start next week as soon as a bench player is ruled out for the week and can be moved to IR.

However, if you are in a competitive league with several owners streaming K and DST, I don’t think it’s wrong to use high waiver priority on those positions if interesting options appear on the waiver wire.

I wouldn’t prioritize these positions. But if your choice is between a K/DST that you would start next week, or a QB/RB/WR/TE that you most probably wouldn’t start, then go for the option that will actually help you.

I have the Saints and Dolphins Defenses. I reluctantly dropped the Colts Defense to pick up the Dolphins who played the Jets.

I could use the high waiver priority to pick up the Eagles Defense which has played well lately and which has an easy ROS Schdeule - Jets, Giants twice and Football Team twice. I think the Eagles Defense would add more value ROS than picking up any of these players who I probably would not play in Week 12 anyway - Dontrell Hillard, Jeff Wilson, Jamison Crowder, Kendrick Bourne or Marquez Valdes-Scantling or Cedrick Wilson (if my WR CeeDee Lamb does not play). Additional advice is welcome.

If you aren’t gonna start any QB-RB-WR that you pick up, it only makes sense to go for a K or a DST that you would start. You can always shoot for the bench adds with a second waiver acquisition.

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