Someone dropped Buffalo DEF

I still have $94 of my $100 FAAB budget. I was considering putting in a bid for $14. At this point I am currently streaming DEF. My record is 3-2, is 15% of my FAAB too high for Buffalo, bid lower or save my $ and continue to stream DEF?

Impossible to say without knowing your league and how they value D as well as how they bid in waivers. Buff is a very strong D but most weeks depend on match ups. A blind bet for me would be a lucky $7 offer.

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Buffalo has a pretty terrible schedule ahead of them:

Week 6: KC (3rd worst opponent for a D)
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: GB (okay’ish)
Week 9: NYJ (okay’ish)
Week 10: MIN (5th worst)
Week 11: CLE (worst)

Only in week 12 and forward, things look better again, and they do have a promising schedule for the fantasy playoffs.

I can understand the wish to roster them, as well as the decision to drop them. There is no right or wrong answer here. If you absolutely want to roster them, make a FAAB bid, and bid $1 more than what you expect the second highest bidder to put up.

As Joe mentioned above, this is all down to your league mates’ preferences, and you know them better than we do.


did not even draft a D or K as some good players fell. Now I have Rams projected 9 point and Dallas lookin strong the next 2 weeks with the Giants K Gano who is great this year by streaming. Another team drafted Buff #7.

A bit of advice in streaming, look a week ahead for a good match to add before waivers. it works very well until others see what you are doing and copy it.