FAAB advice for JK Dobbins

HI, the new guy in our ppr league just dropped JK Dobbins. We use FAAB for waivers with a season budget of $200. How much should I bid?

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How bad do you need him?

If he’s immediately your RB1, then the sky is pretty much the limit; doubtful there will be another RB of that caliber available soon enough to help you–might as well take your shot.

If you’re not lost without him, but he could be useful to your team, then I’d make a legitimate bid–maybe $50–but I wouldn’t mortgage my future waiver wire viability just for him.

If you’re stashing him on the bench behind Taylor, Henry and Mixon, then I probly wouldn’t even bother making a bid, because someone will want him more than it would be prudent for you to bid.

So as always, the answer comes down to how much you want him as to how much you bid.

I would say I have moderate need. Starting backs currently are Swift, N. Harris, and C. Edmonds.

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At the risk of opening this can of worms again, I’m not a fan of Dobbins. Not the RB, he’s just fine. It’s his situation. He won’t be having many RB1 days with the Ravens, as Lamar Jackson steals carries and td opportunities.

That said, he would give your bench a lift. Assuming he is the best on your waiver wire, I’d toss $51 at him. Why $51? Never use even numbers on bids.

And then you’ll start talking yourself into $53 just to outsmart the guys who might bid $51 or $52… only to have the 2nd-highest bid come in at $37.

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I like Dobbins as a #4, potential #3, same as he would be with you.

No way in hell I’m offering a quarter of my ANNUAL budget in week #2 for a #4 RB. Most I go is $22 as “deuces never leuces.” :slight_smile: