Drop the Bank for McBride?

My team is looking nice sitting at 7-3. I also have a very deep roster in a 12 team non ppr league.

HIll, Chase, Lockett, Nico
Alvin, Connor, Najee, Warren
Dal D/Clev D

I have $36 left of FAAB and I am thinking of dropping $21 to secure McBride. That way I am set at TE regardless of an injury.

Is $21 too much or not enough? What are y’all thinking?

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You have Kincaid. You don’t need to spend that much. Imagine Burrow blows out a knee this week? You’ll need that faab much more for a replacement for Burrow.

Maybe $6 tops for McBride. And don’t sweat it if you lose this one.

I’ve had Kincaid in 3 leagues since day one and he did not disappoint. As Ed said, spending that much in redraft is too much. Try a lucky 7 and if no luck look to pick up someone for the week 13 bye.

Great advice…dropped my bid significantly and still got him!

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Thanks for the advice. Lowered my bid by quite a bit and still got him