12 FAs to Watch This Off Season

QB- Cousins

RBs- Barkley, Jacobs, Henry, Pollard, Ekeler

WRs- Higgins, Pittman, Evans, Ridley, Hollywood

TEs- Schultz.

Imagine if you will Ekeler in KC, Henry in Balt, Barkley in Dallas and Higgins in Jax.

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I have Ekeler and will likely drop him BUT IF he signs with KC he will
be back to a star.

I am not that amazed by Cousins. He is overrated.

As for the RB’s, only Henry is likely to change teams. The others are iffy.

The WR;'s will likely stay where they are, same with Shultz.

I can see Minny offering a 1 year bridge deal and Cousins being day vs night in Atlanta

Agree on Henry and likely Ekeler with major cap issues.

The others are iffy with legit chances of being moved.

There is also the fantasy impact of the coaching changes. Take Herbert and Harbaugh to start. He will throw less but will he be more accurate and run more?

If have Herbert in 2 leagues and thought they will take a top WR with a top pick making him better. Now that looks doubtful and may have to look for a QB.

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I expect the Chargers to pick up another RB to pair with Ekeler. But their top priority has to be their defense and offensive line.

Philly adding O C Moore is interesting as well. He loves to throw deep as does Hurts. This is a bump up for A J and Smith.

I don’t see Swift resigning and any RB is questionable as he does not throw to RBs and unless the tush push is banned RBs don’t get the short TDs.

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You realize Swift just had the best year of his 3 year career?

2021: 1069 total yards, 7 td’s
2022: 931 total yards, 8 td’s
2023: 1263 total yards, 6 td’s, with his first 1000 rushing yard season

I’d be surprised if he doesn’t re-sign, as well as surprised if the Eagles don’t re-sign him.

His play dropped off in the second half. In fantasy he only hit double digits in two of the last 8 games.

He is a top 20 RB but looking for a big pay day. I don’t see Philly giving it to him.

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Ben Johnson stays in Detroit. Watch Jameson next year after a full camp and preseason.

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You realize the entire Eagles team fell off in the second half? That team needs a fix of some kind. I don’t think the problem was Swift.

At his best, Jameson seems like another Desean Jackson type, who will have boom and bust games. Amon seems like a better regular contributor from Detroit

I am likely going to offer Swift for trade in our keeper league. What would you offer?

I want to see Jameson after a regular camp.

I took a look at a possible trade. You are VG at WR but have a definite need at RB and there are none available to you who are close to Swift.

Your top picks are 3.03 and 3.09 with the actual picks being 12 and 18 after keepers. You can see that by pick 12 there will very likely be a few QBs, 2nd tier rookie WRs and elders.

I would probably agree to your 2025 1st rounder with the 3.03/12 pick as I need a 2nd QB.

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I’m not trading a 1st round pick for Swift. I could send you a WR?

Collins and the 3.03 is worth thinking about but risky as multiple reports have Houston plans of adding a #1 WR via draft or FA. That drops Nico a lot.

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You realize Collins had more yards and TD’s than Swift? Until he gets replaced in that offense, any additional WR help can only serve to make him more dangerous.

I’ll send you Waddle for Swift and your 2.4 pick.

Adding a #1 WR will reduce Nico’s targets and could easily drop him th a WR3.
Swift’s value is being a RB where there are few. There are many VG WRs.

My 2.4 pick is not for sale and not sure I would trade for just Waddle. I gave him to Zak in our other league for his late round 1st, not as good as Swift.

Every major fantasy network NFL, CBS, PFF and ESPN has reported the potential #1 for Houston and every on of their analyst has said the same in Nico chances of dropping to a #3.

I may roll the dice on that with the 3.03 or your 1st next year with the 3rd.
I don’t see any other fair choices which make sense.