MANY Changes Coming in Fantasy Values

I have always been one to roll the dice in early off season trades, never waiting for FA or landing spots. This year may be different.

There are a number of HC changes which will impact value and projections of many a player.

Then in March there are potentially a big number of players who can or cannot be an impact player depending on landing spots, especially the elders.

Finally comes the NFL draft and landing spots. I have never seen this much WR talent in any prior draft but most depend on Landings.
The same is true at QB.

Gonna be one hell of an off season.

Atlanta hiring LAR DC Raheem Morris was NOT what I was looking forward to hearing.

Jim Harbaugh to the Chargers is so so. They say he loves the talent of Herbert which made a big difference in his choice. However, he has been mostly run and D while adapting to today. Tuff call.

In the draft it’s Harrison, Nabors with Odunze and Bowers as the top 4.
However, if the Giants were to pick Nabors or Odunze he would drop to maybe the 2nd round for me. It could be worse than London to Atlanta.

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Bowers reminds me of Jeremy Shockey. Great TE, but he plays too hard, and gets himself hurt.

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WOW! I remember Shockey well and met him way back when at the U. He was special but was cursed with landing with the Giants.

IF Bowers ends up with a Chargers or Bengals, he will light up the league OR can
bust pending the landing.

I was talking with an analyst at PFF yesterday and he agreed that this year with changes in coaching, FAs, and day and night landing spots IF you gamble on an early trade you are REALLY GAMBLING,

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I agree entirely! Those early drafting teams were bad for a reason. Houston is the only success story from last year among the early drafters.

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