FA Effect on Rosters

Lazard to the Jets hurts Wilson. Montgomery to Detroit hurts Swift and DJ to Da Bears helps Fields.

What else we got?

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I don’t see Lazard to the Jets hurting Wilson. Wilson is an easily superior talent to Lazard. Rodgers will figure that out if he hasn’t already.

Eli as #2 was ignored helping Wilson. Lazard will not be.

For me, I could have trded Swift but tried for more thinking Williams was gone.
Now I pretty much have to keep him and hope he comes through.

Meanwhile, Zak is looking good with Fields. -( JK

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It is a common misconception that a strong #2 receiver hurts the #1. The opposite is true. Lazard gives GW more flexibility and room to operate in. GW will benefit greatly from that. “Just cover Wilson” no longer works for Jets opponents.

The key to the answer how fantasy-valuable a team’s WR1 is does not lie in the quality of the #2, but in the total number of mouths to feed. The Jets were one of the most wide-spread offenses in 2022. That worked as long as Flacco started and threw the ball a thousand times per game. But when the volume dropped, so did the value of all receivers.

If GW and Lazard will share 2/3 of the overall passing volume among each other, Lazard will be good and GW will be great. ARod is a QB who loves to spread the ball around, but he also likes his go-to guys.

If GW will turn into one of Rodgers’ go-to guys, he’ll be top 10. If not, top 20.

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I think Eli is better than Lazard and will be in the mix along with Hall and believe Wilson will lose volume. It is not I go with n every team but it is here.

For the others here dealing with the continuing saga of Swift, after Williams left and Montgomery was signed, he went up in the ranks to #10 in dynasty and #15 in redraft and is in a contract.

I’m thinking of moving him just to free up my time. :slight_smile:

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