Edmonds or Hall?

Would you start Chase Edmonds or Breece Hall Sunday? PPR league. Thanks in advance!

*I respectfully request that AxeElf refrain from responding to my inquiry. I readily admit that I am inferior in every way and do not require AxeElf to waste his precious time telling me so. Thank you.

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No, I would not start Chase Edmonds or Breece Hall on Sunday.

I am sitting Hall. Before I will start him, I want to see what the snap share between him and Michael Carter looks like. Until then, I would consider him (and Carter as well) a highly risky start.

As for Edmonds, the question is who your alternatives are. Edmonds looks to be the 1A in this RBBC, and if preseason is any indicator, he’ll be the RB with some pass catching upside in Miami. That would make him startable. But if you have a safer option available, you may want to take a look at what the revamped MIami run game looks like in practice.

If your choice is down to Hall or Edmonds, I’d start Edmonds.

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My only other option would be CEH…

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CEH or Edmonds is a coin flip decision. Both are the 1A to their team. For both, we don’t know yet how much that role will be worth. Both have matchups that can go either way.

I would probably lean towards Edmonds. For CEH, the team situation hasn’t changed dramatically, and he has disappointed before. Edmonds is in a completely revamped offense, and there is at least a chance that he can benefit from it.

But this is a 51-49 advice. With the cherry on the cake being that Hall could still see more usage than both Edmonds and CEH.

At least, you can be sure that one of them will shine on your bench… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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FWIW after my Stafford pick, I go Edmonds vs Pats vs Hall vs Ravens. The concern is Mostert taking away snaps.

New Miami HC McD is a run guru and has Hill and Waddle loosening things up.

Ravens should jump out limiting Jets RB 4th Q.

CEH is not a bad option vs Zona.

I am not a Chase Edmonds fan. He’s a very good 3rd down back, so he will get the 3rd down work. In a 49er style offense, bellcows rarely exist, except for short stretches of time. Until we see how the Dolphins utilize their backs, I would avoid him this week, except as a deep flex play.

Hall will split time with Carter, probably getting half of the early down work, so we know he will get on the field.

When all else fails, go with the talent, and Hall wins that battle.

Not true. Phins new coach used Mitchell last year as a feature back. Edmunds was signed to be the same. Mostert will be a change of pace. That is the Miami plan and I am a 30 year Phinatic who knows all on this topic.

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Tale of the tape:

Edmonds: 12 carries, 25 yards, 4 catches, 40 yards.
Hall: 6 carries, 23 yards, 6 catches, 38 yards, 1 fumble lost

Point-wise, they both came to about 10. Hall’s fumble is the only thing that kept him from beating Edmonds, but overall, their numbers were close. That said, I trust Hall to outperform Edmonds most weeks. Note how Hall came close to Edmonds’ rush yardage on half the carries. Talent wins.

Edmunds was the lead back as I stated. Miami had 3 guys injured on the OL during the game which had both OG’s moving to OT’s with a new ZBS added in preseason. This caused problems.

I was at the game and watched the tape. The play calls by McD were great with the motion and counters, etc, but the blocks were off in many cases. That will change,

If you are keeping score Edmunds had more touches and points than Hall. I did not see this as being a judge of talent or future potential.

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You misunderstand me. If you took both of them, and put them in the same offense, who would you start? Hall, every time. THAT is talent.

For last Sunday, which was the question, Edmunds as I said. Did you not understand the question?

I hope you took Axe Elf’s advice and did not start Edmonds or Hall.

Did you not understand my comparison when I was referring to talent?

Did you not understand my comparison when I was referring to talent?

Not the question,

The original question:

I used talent as the final criteria to make the determination.

The original question:

I used talent as the final criteria to make the determination.

I used points which was the reason for the question.

Since Hall never played an NFL game before yesterday, I guess Edmonds wins on past points!

No, current points was the question.