Edmonds or Hall?

Since they both scored roughly the same amount, it’s a moot question.

No. I asked you politely to not respond, but you have nothing better to do than troll…so here we are. Of course I didn’t take your advice (which wasn’t really advice, just you being an ass). If I had taken your “advice” from this forum, I would have started the RB39 (Derrick Henry) in every league I play in. That would suck, wouldn’t it? I did start Chase Edmunds (RB31) over Breece Hall (RB33) and I ended up with a win. Weird how both the guys you recommended not starting did better than Derrick Henry. I know you “scoot” around all day with a permanent boner for him even though he is a washed up has been. So sad…

No, that wouldn’t suck, because that would mean you have the best player in fantasy football on every one of your teams for the remainder of the season!


You can’t see the forest through all those trees. You are quite pathetic. I’ll keep updating you on Derrick Henry’s status throughout the season. Troll you a little for a change.

He’s on 6 of my 7 teams; I will be keenly aware of every fantasy record he sets.


Hey. Hey BUDDY! Just here to update you! You know I couldn’t wait!!!

Soooooooooo… I know you know. BUT, just in case…I’d like to point out that after week 2 was all said and done, Derrick Henry (the object of all of your affection) was the RB29 on the week! Exciting right???

Not only that, but if it weren’t for his saving grace TD, he would have been tied for the RB64 on the week. He’s SOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!

I also know that you know, BUUUUUUTTTTTTT, just in case… Mr. Henry is the RB36 on the year after 2 weeks… Did you know that there are only 32 NFL teams? Just checking.

Oh, and you’re WELCOME!

TeeHee :kissing_heart:

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All glee aside - Henry puzzles me. The expectation was that he will either get a big volume and break down again at some point during the season. Or that they will dial back on his volume to keep him healthy.

Now, you could argue that they did dial back on his volume. But so much that he even drops out of FLEX conversation? Wow.

His combined week 1+2 production would have qualified as one slow game last year. I wouldn’t write him off entirely yet, but so far, it sure looks like the age cliff hit him hard.

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