Early NFL Draft board


For your consideration…

Here is an early NFL draft board:

First thing that popped out to me was anyone being rated above CJ Stroud. Ok, Bryce Young seems to be a popular choice, I get that. But Will Levis above both of them? Maybe I’ll change my mind later.

Speaking of QB’s, for what was supposed to be a QB-rich draft, after the first 4, you don’t see another QB ranked until 79th (BYU’s Jaren Hall). Pretty steep cliff there.

Speaking of cliffs, RB has a steep one after Robinson and Gibbs, at 17th. The next RB isn’t seen until 80th (UCLA’s Zach Charbonnet).

Last year in our league the first WRs taken were Olave and London in the 11th round. I’ve seen the same in many keeper and redraft leagues over the years.

When were WRs picked in Dynasty last year and what is projected this year ?

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Last year’s draft was pretty rich, with WR’s taken in all 4 rounds. I’m not sure how they are projected to go this year.

Who do you plan to go with, the third RB or a WR with your 1st rounder?

Which league? What do I need in said league? What are the league rules? PPR or half PPR?

Even after considering all that, I try to go with the best player available. I generally try to draft where everyone else isn’t.

South Beach league pick and with Zak to follow?

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I’m not in desperate need of any position, considering the following keepers:

QB: Jalen Hurts
RB: Breece Hall, Rhamondre Stevenson, Tyler Allgeier
WR: Davante Adams, Garrett Wilson
TE: Kyle Pitts, Isaiah Likely

I’ll take the best player available, after I rank them. The only position I likely won’t draft is TE. And I probably won’t draft a QB with the first round pick.

A bit of a surprise, I had you keeping Jeudy over Likely.

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That’s still on the table. I want to see what happens in Denver in the offseason. Regardless, I see Likely as a future top 5 TE. Not sure if Jeudy can be a top 5 WR. Likely cost me a 15th pick, whereas Jeudy was a 10th.

I’m set as well:

QB- Herbert
RB- ETN, Swift, Akers
WR- Cee Dee, A J, London and Burks

No room for a TE but Schultz, Dulcich, Mayer, etc will be there to draft. After 3 off season trades I have a 5,6,7 and 3 8’s after the very likely Robinson and Gibbs.
Then my draft is done and over.

I thought about keeping Dionte but watching some film on Burks killed that. The kid can be special and expect a good year with Tanny. Traded Johnson to move up to a 5.

As of today my open pick projections for our league:

1st- 3 or 4 with Zak
2nd- 2-3
3rd- 1
4th- 3
5th- 3-4
6th- 2-3

That s only 14 actual picks to be used over 6 rounds. Trades are unlikely as no team has the open picks to take a player to keep or to trade.

Hard for me to see rookies picked in the top 3-4 rounds after Robinson and Gibbs.

I agree and see Jeudy as my pick for #5 WR and an easy one. Thanks.

So Ed, with time to think, have I talked you out of dropping Jeudy to keep him away from me? :slight_smile:

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I haven’t decided anything yet. We still have free agency and the draft to get through.

Good to hear. I was concerned you might change just because of me. :slight_smile:

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Everything is in play. But what if the Broncos were to get Deandre Hopkins, or draft Quentin Johnston? Does that make Jeudy more valuable, less valuable, or the same? Is Russell Wilson just a train wreck at the end of his career, or can he be salvaged by Sean Payton? Even if this year is bad for the Broncos, what about long term prospects for Jeudy?

I’m not answering these questions, but they are out there.

Only having to blow a 10th round pick to find out is probably worth the risk. Then again, dangling him out there for you to blow higher draft capital to find out has its advantages too. :wink:

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OR I may have no interest in him at all. :slight_smile:

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The fact you bring him up answers that question! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m glad to see you thinking that way Ed. The fact that the only position of need for me is TE and I need two should not enter into your head. :slight_smile:

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Even if you wanted Isaiah Likely, he isn’t “likely” to be a top TE for years. He won’t help you in 2023.