Dynasty League Trade Advice

Would you trade

Pick 30 and Ceedee Lamb


Pick 17 and Deebo Samuel

I’d call that a balanced offer.

CeeDee has a lot of upside this year, with Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson out of town. The risk is that he may become one of these “eternal talent” type of players - the skill is there, the situation is great, yet somehow, they never really deliver on all the promise.

For Deebo, a crucial (and yet unanswered) question is who will throw him the ball this year. If it’s Jimmy G for another year, he may well enjoy another top-5 fantasy season. With Lance, we don’t know yet how good his passing game will be, and he will probably take away quite a bit of Deebo’s backfield volume.

If I had to make a choice, I’d probably take my chances on CeeDee. On the other hand, I would have said the same 1 year ago, and we know how that would have worked out.

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In addition to what Zak said, I’d add there is Deebo’s injury history, which isn’t helped by how the 49ers use him on running plays.

All things considered, I’d rather take my chances on Lamb.