Dynasty 1st pick

Ok so I’m in a 12 man dynasty league, I have the first pick but I don’t know if I should pick up Breece Hall or other options are Cortland Sutton, Gabriel Davis, Cordarrelle Patterson, and all other rookies.

Im torn between Hall and Sutton


Patrick Mahomes is avalible and Dameon Pierce Looks real Promising

Hang on - a dynasty league where Sutton and Gabe Davis are on the waiver wire? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, the answer is still: Yes, you should pick up Breece Hall. It’s not even close.

Hall is a 21 year old lead back. How many of these do you find in the NFL? Javonte Williams is the only one who comes close. At age 23, we find Akers, Etienne, Taylor, Swift. And Najee Harris, if we extend the age range to 24. Your only chance to get your hands on a player like this by using an early 1st round pick on them in their rookie year.

As for the other candidates:

Sutton is a soon-27 year old WR who could be anything between the #1 and #3 target in an offense that is promising, but so far unproven.

Davis is a WR entering his 3rd year, who does look primed for a breakout, but whose best result so far was WR56.

And Cordarrelle Patterson is a 31 year old RB on his very last legs.

You can trade for players like these without having to spend multiple future first round picks. Or you can draft them in rounds 2 and 3 of your rookie draft and stash them for 2 years. But you do most certainly not have to spend a 1.01 on them. Doing that would mean wasting a ton of dynasty value, and you will not be successful long-term if you do that.


Hall is an easy choice.


new update, is dameon perice a better option also patrick mahomes is on the board too now