Drop which 2 RB?

My 7 RB include Nick Chubb, Leonard Fournette, Damien Harris, Kenyan Drake, D’Ernest Johnson, Devontae Booker and Jeff Wilson.

Harris future use may drop due to Rhamonde Stevenson’s emergence.
Drake has new life after Coach Gruden left.
Johnson value is low after Kareem Hunt returns, but he’s a Chubb handcuff.
Booker value is low after Shaquan Barkley returns, but he’s injury prone.
Wilson value is unknown and depends on Elijah Mitchell status.

I need to drop at least 1 and probably 2 RB because I have 2 players coming off IR.

Which 2 RB should I drop and in what order?

The first one is easy: Drop Wilson. I don’t want anything to do with that mess in San Fran.

The second one is tougher: Either Booker or Drake.

Drake will never get a huge workload like he did in Arizona last year. He will still have some games where he excels. He’s a decent flex play, but that’s about the limit of it.

Booker only has value if Barkley is out. I’m not sure he is worth holding as an injury handcuff for a player you don’t have. First, I’d try and trade him and another player for some kind of value from Barkley’s owner (a TE maybe?). If that doesn’t work, and you still need to dump him, then just do it.

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Chubb, Fournette and Harris are all starters so obviously you keep them. Johnson is your backup for Chubb, so keep him. Drake is is seeing increased use so I would keep him over the remaining two of Booker and Wilson. I would drop Wilson first then Booker as Wilson’s roll is completely speculative at this point.


Here’s my status update:

(1) I traded Devontae Booker to the Shaquon Barkley owner.
(2) It now looks like Damien Harris and Rhamonde Stevenson will split RB duties, so Harris’s value is reduced…
(3) Elijah Mitchell will not play Week 11 and Jeff Wilson will be the lead 49er’s RB. Jeff Wilson is the most added player on Yahoo right now.
(4) I don’t want to drop D’Ernest Johnson because he is Nick Chubb’s handcuff.

The previous advice here was to drop Wilson as the first choice., then Booker or Drake. Should I still drop Wilson instead of Drake or even Harris?

Wilson is playable this week, but it doesn’t sound like Mitchell will miss multiple games. I don’t believe Wilson will be relevant with a healthy Mitchell so unless you need him as a starter this week he is still droppable.

I’m still holding, not starting, Harris and Drake. Want to see more how those backfields shake out.

What did you get for Booker?

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Thank you. I don’t need to start Wilson this week.

I traded Booker for Randy Bullock, which doesn’t sound like very much. There’s a story behind it. I was about to drop Booker for Bullock when the Barkley owner beat me to it and picked up Bullock to cover his kicker Matt Gay on BYE. Fortunately, the manager who picked up Bullock is my friend and he agreed to the trade after I convinced him that he needs Booker as Barkley’s handcuff.

I have another message on this website where I got clear advice to drop my kicker Younghoe Koo (Falcons are very erratic) and pick up Bullock who is a high scorer and has a great ROS schedule.

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Definitely drop Wilson and toss up between drake and Booker… if you need to do it now I would drop Booker, if you wait it may give you some clarity. Drake has a little more value with getting some touches regularly and Booker has a little less as both Jacobs and Barkley have injury history.

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I traded Booker to the Barkley owner. I dropped Wilson becasue I wouldn’t play Wilson today even if Mitchell is out and Wilson’s future value is uncertain

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