Drop Pacheco or Hines to activate Patterson?

To activate Patterson off IR, I must first drop either Pacheco or Hines? My other RB’s are Ekeler, S Barkley & D Foreman. 12 team PPR league w TE & FLX but only 6 bench spots. Only 5 RB’s allowed on team.
Who will be less likely to help me later in season, Pacheco or Hines?

Difficult to say. We know Pacheco has a role, and it’s a limited one.

What role Hines will play in Buffalo remains to be seen. I don’t think Buffalo would have acquired him if they didn’t have a plan to use him. But how, and how much, is up for us all to guess.

Right now, I’ d say it’s unlikely you’ll want to start Pacheco at any time this season. So I would take the gamble on Hines.

It doesn’t matter. Both are barely rosterable in the first place, and you can pluck a guy off of waivers on any given week that will outscore both of them.

Thank you for confirming my lean.