Drafted Yesterday 12 Team Standard

Bryce Young

Damien Harris
James Ford

Mark Andrews
Juwan Johnson

Quentin Johnston
Tyler Boyd




If it’s not a SuperFlex league, I don’t know why you drafted a 2nd poopy QB. Maybe for the same reason you drafted a second poopy TE, or two poopy DSTs, instead of one poopy DST with a good Week 1 opponent, like Washington or Atlanta or New Orleans.

I mean, I get that it’s a standard scoring league, so we’re not talking advanced fantasy football here, but this is a beginner’s team if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t even know who James Ford is, and Google doesn’t either, unless you drafted a RB from the 60s or something.

On the plus side, I’m betting the rest of the league is beginner-heavy as well, so in that case you have a fighting chance.

Very Competitive League with a Stanford Grad, USC Grad and others

I guess you are right and Fantasypros is wrong

They love my depth and you have to have bye week replacements

That is usually a good working assumption.

Like I said, I realize you’re just starting out in fantasy football, but over time, you will come to learn that approval from a draft analyzer is the kiss of death in fantasy football. It doesn’t measure how good your team is, it measures how well your draft conforms to their ADPs and player projections, which as any experienced player knows, are always wrong.

They might as well call it your Sheep Rating. A high Sheep Rating is bad, because it means you did what their projections say you should do. A low Sheep Rating is good, because it means you zigged when others zagged, and therefore have a higher chance of success.

You have to overcome injuries on any Roster regardless of draft Carr likes Juwan


My weakness is WR but if Hopkins does his thing
This team thrives. My defenses are average also
But I’ve got a Solid mix of Veterans and Rookies on this Roster

No Kareem Hunt so Jerome Ford is Chubbs Handcuff if he gets injured

Then why did you draft James Ford instead?

“Defenses”… ::: giggle :::


I am 6-1 Record Etienne has carried us I have played Ford and Hunt together every Week. Btw I was a Pro Football Player myself Los Angeles Raiders Head Coach Art Shell and Arena Football Sacramento Attack Head Coach Joe Kapp. I have been a Hs/College Coach for 30yrs. I am 57 yrs of age and know more Football than 99.9% of People on this Forum. I just laugh at your responses. Like I’m new to Fantasy and Football Period

Chiefs Defense and Browns Defenses are killing it
It’s fun interchanging them

DHop went off and I have Aiyuk, Kirk Quentin Johnston Rashee Rice

It is pretty funny how accurate I was…

Great reply. A bit over the top on 99.9% but exaggeration is valid for effect. :sunglasses:

Talk more later.

Okay 99.9 is a lot lol

My Roster now and I lost Dobbins Week 1 and Chubb Week 2

Tough Week this Week no Etienne Kirk or Aiyuk