Draft Thoughts- Top Two Rounds

It is getting very close to “You’re on the Clock.” A closer look at the top two rounds is called for. IF you do not nail your top two picks chances of a title are not good. Keepers count the same as picks.

Here’s a list from Jamey at CBS for something different. Likes. dislikes and look to trade?

|1|J. Taylor IND RB $35 |14|
|2|C. McCaffrey CAR RB $34 |13|
|3|A. Ekeler LAC RB $33|8|
|4|C. Kupp LAR WR $30 |7|
|5|J. Jefferson MIN WR $29 |7|

|6|D. Henry TEN RB $32|6|
|7|D. Cook MIN RB $29 |7|
|8|N. Harris PIT RB $28 |9|
|9|J. Mixon CIN RB $27 |10|
|10|J. Chase CIN WR $28 |10|

|11|T. Kelce KC TE $21|8|
|12|A. Kamara NO RB $25 |14|
|13|A. Jones GB RB $24|14|
|14|S. Diggs BUF WR $25 |7|
|15|C. Lamb DAL WR $24 |9|

|16|D. Adams LV WR $24|6|
|17|S. Barkley NYG RB $22 |9|
|18|L. Fournette TB RB $21 |11|
|19|D. Swift DET RB $20 |6|
|20|M. Andrews BAL TE $16 |10|

|21|M. Pittman IND WR $21 |14|
|22|D. Moore CAR WR $21 |13|
|23|K. Allen LAC WR $20|8|
|24|D. Samuel SF WR $19 |9|
|25|T. Hill MIA WR $18 |11|

If I get a top 5 pick I would prefer to trade down to late 1st and a 2nd or 3rd with it.
If need be I take JT, maybe Ekeler and Jefferson at 4-5.

6-10. Harris, Chase, maybe Mixon or Kelce.

to be continued.

As long as you come out of the first two rounds with Henry and another live player, it’s your league to lose.

And what’s with this $35 for Taylor? $100 budget?

As most always we disagree. No clue on the money, just copied the players.

Gotta be $100 budget. If those prices were real in a $200 auction, you could have Taylor, Henry, Jefferson, Chase and Kelce for $145. Probly wouldn’t take the other $55 to add Josh Allen at QB, though they don’t list any QB prices.

Starting with the 1st round, these are the guys I am NOT taking:

  1. CMC. He is either an injury waiting to happen, or a reduced workload. Either way, his days of uber-production are behind him. Since we don’t know what kind of floor that entails, I’d avoid him until late 2nd round, at the earliest. However, he’ll be some other fool’s problem long before then.

  2. Cooper Kupp. Nothing against Kupp, but I see Allen Robinson vulturing some targets in LA. Kupp will still have a good season, but if I’m going for a WR in the 1st round, I want somebody elite: JJ, Chase, or Adams.

  3. Derrick Henry. Same problem as CMC, with the added age cliff problem. Same deal, maybe late 2nd round, but a greater fool will grab him before that.

  4. Travis Kelce. Too early to draft a TE, especially an aging one (32), even if he is spectacular. If you want him early in the 2nd round, I get it.

By the 2nd round, the draft usually has a personality, and I tend to flow with it. I look for good players who amazingly fell out of the 1st round. Or the league went RB-heavy, so I go WR, or vice versa.

90% of all league-winning teams this season will feature Derrick Henry.

I have to applaud you trying to make it into that skinny lil 10%!

How well did those teams that drafted Derrick Henry do last season? Oops…did I spoil your narrative?