Does my team need help?

So I thought I drafted pretty well but lost week 1. I’m currently in the waiver to drop hunter & p/u Elijah Mitchell. Should I do anything else?

My bench is:
Mac Jones
Darnell Mooney
Jaylen Waddle
Elijah Moore
Hunter Henry ( in process of dropping for Elijah Mitchell)

If you get Eli, you’re looking good. Your only problem is who is your backup TE? Not end of the world stuff, because TE can be skipped in a bye week and not do too much damage to your team.

Is this a dynasty or redraft league? If it’s redraft, you could toss Elijah Moore and grab a decent backup TE. If not, take your chances, because Elijah’s future prospects are solid.

Eli went for $44 ,which is like half the budget so I didn’t get him.i was holding off on a backup TE for now

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I feel your pain on Eli. I bid $41 on him, and lost to a guy who blew his whole FAB on him. And I thought $41 was a bit extreme.

We started keeperz this year but I’m thinking of dropping Moore for cole kmet

I wouldn’t drop Moore in a keeper league for an unproven TE. Keep Moore, at least until later this year. If he shows nothing all year, do what you will. But I expect he’ll show some potential at least in one game this year, if not “moore” (pun intended).