DK/Edmonds for Montgomery/Meyers

Should I take this?
My DK Metcalf/Edmonds

for their:
Jakobi Meyers/David Montgomery?

I need RB depth. My current WR’s are T. Hill, Mike Williams, Gabe Davis, Lockett, McKenzie and Kyle Phillips.

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Definitely no. You’re getting a downgrade on WR (and this comes from one of Jakobi’s biggest fans), but hardly any upgrade on RB.

If you need depth at RB, drop Kyle Philips and/or Isaiah McKenzie and grab one of Latavius Murray / Mike Boone / Caleb Huntley. Or Brian Robinson, in case he’s on your WW.

we do not know anything about Montgomery injury…

Welcome aboard!

And the answer is definitely not. Montgomery is not a good enough upgrade for this deal.

Maybe Gabe Davis and Edmonds?