Who would u start this week

Standard League

Who would u start this week

RB : please choose 2 or 3

Bolden vs clv
Gaskin vs Ravens
M Ingram at tenn
J Mcnichols vs saints

WR : please select 3 or two .

Waddle vs ravens
Jeudy vs eagles
Hopkins vs car
Diggs vs jets

In total 2 WR 2 RB and one flex which can be a wr or rb

I was thinking

Whats ur thoughts guys

Thanks and good luck this week


Bolden is a desperation play that will only work if both Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson will miss this week. I’d rather start Ingram.

Gaskin is always a shaky option, but probably a lock, given the alternatives.

McNichols is a complete wildcard.

Waddle doesn’t have the best matchup, and Tua will be a game-time decision.

Jeudy is shaky, but startable.

D-Hop is still nursing his hamstring injury. Kyler is questionable as well. Risky start.

Diggs is a roster lock. The Bills will be very determined to bounce back from their week 9 humiliation.

So Gaskin, Jeudy and Diggs are locked in. I’d add Ingram and Waddle, but would definitely check if better options are available on the waiver wire.

Thanks so much and gl mate

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For me:
Boldin and gaskins
Jeudy, Diggs and Hopkins (unless he’s out)- then throw in Ingram

Should I start dalvin cook or cordarrelle Patterson

My pleasure!

You probably saw that Kamara meanwhile has been ruled out for week 10, so Ingram is now a strong start.

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And Hopkins is a game time decision too, so I would just replace him in my previous message with Ingram :+1:t2:

Ingram, Judy, and Diggs