IDP Details? Where do I find it on the site?

Looking for details, not just rankings but who’s showing up in camp, pre-season games, sleepers, etc. Which LB are playing all 3 downs and making calls, etc
Coaching changes or defensive scheme changes that benefit players.

Way too much work.

The way you do an IDP league is you pick up whatever IDPs are projected to score the most for the upcoming week off the waiver wire, and you worry about your skill players instead.

You’re welcome.

Sarcasm is cool, for some. How about you provide some value or save your time. My league incorporated IDP into our league a decade ago so I understand their value, certainly more than you do. I am fairly new to this site and finding their IDP content sub-par. I don’t draft off rankings, I draft instead with insight and content.

Thanks for playing.

I will add that I play in a “big boy” league, unlike you, where our weekly waiver acquisitions cost between $2-$20 real money, making the quality of your draft picks even more valuable.

You’re welcome.

I wasn’t being sarcastic; I was providing instruction.

If you’re claiming to know the extent of Axe Elf’s experience and expertise, then you realize how dumb this sounds, but in claiming to know the extent of Axe Elf’s experience and expertise, you have already shown yourself to be ignorant.

In my experience, the more money that is involved in a league, the less skilled are its participants.

(“Fresh meat,” we call you in the biz.)

:rofl::rofl: You’re funny too. I wish we had you in our league. #howsthecellar

Wouldn’t happen; it’s an IDP league.

I avoid IDP leagues and leagues that start 5 Kickers.