What's going on here?

So I’m just looking for some advice. Ive been in a NFL app based fantasy league (the buggy packers) for probably 6 years now, and at our draft this year, our buy in increased, with an agreement that everyone not in the playoffs would be in the “losers playoffs” with a chance to get their money back. Fast forward to today, when our seedings are finalized, and the bottom 2 are not included in the losers playoff. I’ve talked to the commish and the group, been called a whiner (amongst other choice words) and told “too bad”. Apparently the app can’t handle the 2 extra as we ran a 14 man league this year for the first time. Guess who’s in the bottom 2 cuz he had Derrick Henry this year? (And also thought Mike Davis was gonna be useful lol) so basically, the commish, and everyone else, has decided because “the app can’t handle it” my chance of at least getting my money back after this horrible season (did I mention I’m the most scored on team by more than 100 pts as well… my luck) is being taken away. What do you, the internet, think about that?

I sympathize, but this is a problem commissioners face. We plan stuff, but we don’t know if it’ll work until we get to the end of the season. He should have made the promise with a disclaimer, but that is hindsight.