David Montgomery or De'Von Achane

David Montgomery or De’Von Achane

Which one would you start as RB2 ?

CMC is my RB1

I have the same 3 RBs on one of my teams. Would be nice to have a little more time to think about it, and get more health updates… but his team plays tonight. I might sit DMont and just see what he does coming back from the injury. If he plays 100%, then I can’t be mad at that moving forward. Then hoping that Achane keeps getting work (and breaking off big plays)

Wait until game time for all info to decide.

Hmm yeah think I’m gonna sit him this week.

I don’t live in the US and I gotta go to bed soon. So it’s a bit risky deciding right now

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Ouch! You’re awfully thin at RB if these are your two best choices behind CMC.

Montgomery would be the clear call if they were both Sunday games, but the Thursday curse makes it a little closer. Hard to expect double digit points from either one, though.

Smart move. Say Good Night. :slight_smile: