Is De’Von achane better off on the bench?

I’m really not sure whether to start the rookie or not.
My rb1 is rhamondre Stevenson, rb2 is James cook, and for my flex I got miles sanders. Any thoughts if its worth to bench any of those 3 for achane? Or to just leave him on the bench

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If Sanders is out yes. I also don’t hate him over Stevenson in his matchup

Same boat here. PPR - I’ve got Swift & Kyren at RB with Rhamondre as my Flex. But, I’m really thinking about swapping Achane for Rhamondre. Wondering if I’m overthinking it.

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I’m the same way, never know if I’m overthinking it lol

Overthinking is the way of the “Fantasy Beast.” lol

I see the Buff D at home and reality checking in on Achane this week and would go with Stevenson.

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I’d take Achane over Miles Sanders. Higher ceiling and lower floor is what you want in flex positions. Also, it looks like Miami is willing to increase Achane’s touches. Was last week a fluke? If so, it was a darned impressive fluke. I’d take my chances on something halfway to what he did last week.

As for Sanders, Bryce Young is back this week. If you’re the D-coordinator, who are you worried about? I’m stopping Sanders, and making Young beat me.