Justin Jefferson Trade

In a dynasty PPR league I was offered this. Would you do it?

I send:
Justin Jefferson

I receive:
Deebo Samuel
DK Metcalf

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I don’t think I would. “Good” WRs are a dime a dozen these days, but Jefferson is poised to be one of, if not THE, top WRs in the league for a decade. Don’t split his immense value on your roster between two starting positions.

You don’t get rid of an elite WR for two more WR’s. You might do it for an RB or QB or TE, if they are also elite, depending on your roster.

In dynasty, no way. Trade calculators may tell you this deal is good for you, but if anything, that should tell you not to listen to trade calculators.

JJ, along with Ja’Marr Chase, is the most valuable dynasty asset, as he is highly likely to remain an elite WR for years to come.

Neither Deebo nor DK are elite players. None of them can match JJ’s performance on a weekly basis. So you are trading an elite player away for roster depth. That will never work in your favor on the long run. If you want to win a title, you’ll need elite assets.

I will trade elite assets away only if I feel they are on the decline and may lose their elite status next year. And that’s not the case with JJ.

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