18 Year Dynasty League

I was asked two days ago to take over a team in this league by friend/commissioner and did. WOW, what a strange league.

Positions are QB, W/t, W/T, W/T, W/R, W/R/T, K and DST. They have only three bench spots and all 11 are keepers.

The team I took over is a train wreck and dealing with this new format,etc. is gonna be very challenging.

WORST PART? Guess who my best player is?

You got it, HENRY! SMH lol

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Simple solution: Trade Henry for draft picks. Get them this year and next. This is what I like to call a “poison pill trade”. They think they are getting a championship, only to learn just the opposite when he gets hurt and they have to struggle for a replacement. You will get much earlier draft picks than your trade partner expects.

Gotcha ya and plan on doing the same with Rogers and Theilen. I was able to add Pickens, Walker and Stevenson off waivers to liven things up some.and emailed all for interest and offers,

I do not get being able to start 4 TE’s and ony 2 RB’s, waiting for a reply.

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It looks like you’d only get to start 4 TE’s if you only start one RB. How does the scoring look in this league? PPR?

LOL, who even knows of 4 TE’s to have on a roster? Silly rule.

Half PPR

I am fascinated that a 14 team league was able to get along for 18 years.

Fixed that for you…

It’s basically just 3 WRs and 2 Flex positions; good teams won’t be starting any TEs, other than maybe the very top handful.

Having 14 teams who can keep 11 players and a 3 man bench with only 2 RB’s a rebuild is challenging to say the least, I never heard of a 3 man bench.