Chase trade : worth it now that he injured

Should I try get chase for cheap as he is hurt .
Report says 4-6 weeks . But what I see is maybe he is back after his bye

Maybe offer C Samuel and Henderson to Chase owner . He is hurting both in RB and WR . He lost Hall also

Whats the best play here guys ?

Or leave/ forget Chase

Both Samuel and Henderson in my bench atm but never know if I need them later

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Dynasty or redraft? In redraft, it’s kind of a coin toss. He should be back for the playoffs, but that would be all you get from him.

In dynasty, obviously he has long term value, so even injured, he won’t be cheap.

Its redraft!! Just read hairline hip fracture and torn labrum . But not going on IR . Thats wierd.
Looks to me surely out till week 14 or more .
Bengals acting funny . They did same with Mixon in 2020 and said day to day from week 7 onwards but he did not play a single snap

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You may have a point there. The Bengals tend not to be too forthcoming in their injury reports. For redraft, I’d just avoid him. I suppose if you have the IR slots available, and you can get him cheap, then go ahead.

IF you feel your team can contend and be in the playoffs, go for it.