Murray/Locket for Brady/Chase in full PPR

I just put in a trade for Brady and Ja’marr Chase for my Kyler Murray and Tyler Locket. I’m having a bit of buyer remorse because I believe Kyler is going to be way better than Brady Rest of Season whereas I don’t know if the Bengals are going to figure out their passing game issues enough for this trade to be worth it. Should I cancel the trade??

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My team right now is Kyler, Mike Evans, Tyler Locket, Ekeler, Rhamondre Stevenson/James Connor, Waller, and Christian Kirk.

Yeah, I’d go ahead and cancel it, just to make the other guy torqued that he didn’t check his trade offers sooner.

Welcome aboard!

Is this dynasty or redraft?

In dynasty, I’d take this deal all day long, as Chase is far superior to anything else in this deal.

In redraft, it’s a much closer choice. Coin toss.