Buy low trade targets?

Who are your current buy low targets? Im thinking people that are obviously still rostered but have not performed to their average draft position. For instance, maybe people like justin fields, jahmyr gibbs, the entire bengals offense.

Im 0-4 with by far the lowest PF and highest PA. Trying to get some ideas for a high risk high reward package i could get for someone like mahomes, kyren williams or ceedee

Im not asking specifics, just guys you think could be underperforming right now. But thanks for nothing

A.Jones fits the bill for under performance. He’s been injured and they’ve had a series of bad RB matchups. You might be able to get him on the cheap because their BYE is coming up soon.

At WR Chase is clearly the choice here. I think there is a chance they could shut down Burrow a week before their BYE to give him time to heal up. Just about any quarterback someone has on their bench would perform better than he has leading up to his rehab. I also believe they may move on from Higgins before the trade deadline.