Buy Low Sell High

Roschon Johnson (RB – CHI)

“My favourite buy-low is Roschon Johnson. He is slowly taking over the Bears backfield, and by the time Week 6 gets here, it will be his for the taking. Roschon was electric at Texas and will be a league-winner in the second half of this season. I would easily trade the likes of James Cook, Rachaad White or Dameon Pierce to acquire Johnson.”
Aaron St Denis (The League Winners)

Wow, he thinks all 10 rushes the Bears call per game might go to one player? That sounds like a gold mine!

But so far, Roschon’s only real workload has come once the game is out of hand and they don’t want to risk injuring Herbert.

Ummm… RJ may be good later, but give up James Cook for him? Pass, bruh.

I agree but would go Pierce or White. Above is from FP.

Bod O but RBs are in need now and will get much worse. His value as the top guy will jump up.