Blockbuster Redraft Trade

Just had a blockbuster redraft trade in my league. It’s a no money, half-PPR league:

I gave up:

  1. Najee Harris
  2. Matt Ryan (who I literally just grabbed off waivers this week)
  3. Devin Duverney

I am getting:

  1. Amon-Ra St. Brown
  2. Geno Smith
  3. Zeke Elliott

At QB, Smith is clearly better than Ryan at this point, especially with Smith’s rushing upside. While Ryan has more passing yards, the td/int ratio is decidedly in Smith’s favor: 9:2 to 8:7.

At RB, I am taking a small hit here, but there’s only 5 fantasy points of difference between Najee and Zeke. If this were dynasty, I wouldn’t make this trade, but in redraft, I’ll do it.

WR is where I am really scoring big. St. Brown over Duverney is a no-contest. there is injury risk with St. Brown, but when he plays, he’s elite. Duverney is a second option on a run-first team. The fact there is only 10 fantasy points separating them is misleading, since St. Brown missed one week with injury, and then had a bye week.

Other notes:

  1. I can use Geno Smith and Derek Carr to stream every week, although I will probably lean more towards Smith.
  2. Zeke instantly becomes a starter. I am hoping with Dak back, maybe Zeke will get more running room.
  3. St. Brown becomes an instant starter in an already strong WR corps: Davante Adams, Chris Olave, Allen Lazard, and Gabe Davis. Olave and Lazard worry me with the inconsistencies of their respective offenses.

Any thoughts?

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Good trade, and I agree with your analysis. I’d have made that trade myself.

I don’t even see Zeke as a downgrade on Najee at the moment. In my half-PPR league, they are sitting side by side, with only a 0.2 point difference (total, not per game), and their ROS schedule looks about the same.

Geno is a small plus over Matty Ice, and Amon-Ra is a huge plus over Duvernay.

Well done!

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Thanks! Admittedly, St. Brown was a selling point for me, but Geno Smith was an intriguing addition.

Good trade but you need to re-define the use of Blockbuster. :slight_smile:

Anytime you have 2 (or more) elite players in a trade, I call that blockbuster.

Define elite? Harris is middle of the pack this year and St Brown injured.

I didn’t say Harris was elite, certainly not this year. He has elite potential, but he hasn’t shown it yet.

St. Brown can be an elite WR. In week 2, he had 35 half-PPR points to finish 3rd in fantasy. And that doesn’t even go into what he did at the end of last season. Yes, he’s had injuries this year, but we know what he can do when healthy, which he is now.

Ed you did say 2 or more elite players. Who did you mean?

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Believe it or not, Geno Smith. He is currently QB7.

So, Geno is now elite in your view? WOW!

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At least in redraft, Geno has to be considered.