NFL Draft Grades - let's hear yours!

Now that the NFL Draft is behind us, let’s hear how you think your favorite team fared!

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B- for Eagles. They addressed WR well and took some dart shots at Defense but I’m concerned at how they didn’t invest much (again) at cornerback and linebacker. They have a lot of holes so they can’t be all fixed at once but it felt like they made a few luxury picks at times.


A- for the Jets, which for a regular team, counts as an A++++++++. They did for Wilson what they didn’t do for Darnold - invest in surrounding him with weapons. I’m not going to criticize Wilson over Fields or anyone else - we’ll find out in a few years. I thought they gave up a lot to move up for AVT but they had the capital and needed help on the O-line, and I loved the Elijah Moore and Michael Carter (the first one) picks. It felt strange to do little to help the defense, particularly with Saleh, but it was good to see them commit to getting Wilson what he needs to succeed.

Colts get a C from me. Addressed the need at Edge, but failed on getting a LT to keep Wentz from getting hit hard. I’m always okay with drafting a QB late because it’s good to see what you have, but I’m not sure TE was a big need

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SF an A Trey lance is Steve Young/John Elway his play action is so smooth so sick :face_with_thermometer: i moved him to 1.02 after watching his second pro day. He has a big arm and him being broke and inaccurate was over played like Josh Allen when you are get him a real talent at Wr the throw to and have real RB in Trey Sermon! Trvor has is more valuable has more value everyone else!