BiG ProjeCtionS & LiL prOjectioNs for '23


The Commanders have a top 10 passing offense off the eye-popping arm of
S.Howellitzer. J.Dotson pro-bowls.

The Steelers’ offense moves into the top half of the league after being one of the worst. G.Pickens pro-bowls.

The Jets win the East and are an early AFC contender for all the marbles.
G.Wilson goes All-Pro .

The Packers shine with J.Love, who tosses over 4k pass yds, 27 passing T.D.s, 250 yds rushing, with 5 rushing T.D.s, at a 65% clip with 7.8 Y/A and under 10 INTs.

Atlanta and B.Robinson set the (R) record for both all-purpose yds for (R) and a team all-time high in rushing yds and rushing T.D.s.

The Chargers dethrone the Chiefs as division champs. After a slow start, K.Toney only misses 2.5 games on the season and posts a line of 950 yds/r, 7 T.D’s, 200 yds/r, 3 T.D’s, on 90 total touches.


ORoY(NFC): B.Robinson
DRoY(NFC): L.Van Ness
OPoY(NFC): J.Hurts
DPoY(NFC): M.Parsons

ORoY(AFC): Q.Johnston
DRoY(AFC): W.Anderson Jr.
OPoY(AFC): T.Tagovailoa
DPoY(AFC): S.Gardener

MVP(NFL): J.Hurts

[8-team, 20 round draft outcome] They actually gave me a D- for this, but have me narrowly projected to beat an A- rated draftee for the openers. :man_shrugging:

My DEF is Jets, K G.Gano (very under-rated) & Mr.Irrelevant TE J.Johnson (plausible break-out can.).