Bijan a keeper?

So interesting question. Im in a two player 12 team keeper/ redraft PPR league. The keepers don’t cost you any draft picks. Basically the first two rds are keepers then the draft starts and it’s snake draft. I have the 6th pick. If Arthur Miller doesn’t get fired and we’ve seen how he handles his top players would you keep Bijan over a laporta?? The league is competitive and seeing what laporta has done in this offense would you take the gamble? I feel that RBs are easier to hit on with later picks with all the injuries. But an elite TE. That’s tough.
I could possibly keep Jefferson. Laporta and get bijan back with the 6th pick. Laporta will most definitely be gone.

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It’s hard to justify an elite TE over an elite RB. Bijan won’t be there with the 6th pick. I prefer gambling on Laporta being there.

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This year has really made me think about drafting RBs early or not. I’m willing to bet I can find another one that might not be as elite but in a better system later in the draft. Kyren for instance. Chase brown could be another one. No one knows for sure maybe the only way to un lock his talent is to hope he gets traded or a new coach comes into play. That would change everything.

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I just looked back the last 10 seasons. Kelce had the most pts with 313 in 2020 And there were maybe 5-6 RBs that had more pts so I guess it would be dumb to not keep bijan over laporta I guess it all depends on his coach. If they use him and get a better Qb to take some pressure off everyone he could flourish. But if not it would be hard to make him a top 10 pick moving forward. Just my opinion. He is an amazing talent. But there’s talent everywhere just waiting for the first string guy to get hurt.

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If you already have an elite young RB, why not keep him? Elite TE’s can usually be had in the 1st round of any draft.

I don’t know. I don’t want to chase fools gold Maybe it don’t feel he’s as elite as everyone has him set up to be. I guess it’s situational. I’n my eyes Gibbs is a far better runner and receiver. Hell Kyren seems to be a better player than him. Maybe things would be different if bijan got drafted by the lions or rams ? Maybe the falcons entire O line is completely worthless.? But watching Gibbs get out of bad situations compared to bijan is apples and oranges to me. I’m not sold on him at all.

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Bijan is a better RB on a worse team. Situation is almost half of an RB’s value.

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I guess time will tell if that’s true or not.

I will be SHOCKED if Smith is not replaced as coach and Bijan is not a star next season.

I would be too especially after this last game. 3 first round stars accounted for less than a 1/4 of the output against a horrible team.

Oh hell, did not know it was you Damian. What’s with the name August? Are you bringing in the fall and football?

I said 2 weeks ago that Smith had to win 3 of 4 to have a chance to stay and they lost to TB and Carolina. I believe he is done and friends is Atlanta are telling me the same.

Best of Luck, to a degree, in our final four.

It’s a user name that I’ve used for years so it’s easy to remember. Hahahaa. God I hope he out that would change the dynamics completely.
Good luck to you as well. I got nailed last week in a playoff game because I was on vacation and in a different time zone and didn’t wake up in time to pull hill out of my line up. I don’t like the way he’s trending for this week. Could be a fatal blow to my chances. Bummer.