Mixon or Lamb for Andrews?

We could be in a Blockbuster mode here. Would you trade Mixon or Lamb for Andrews?

Are both players an even trade?

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Lamb seems like a more than even trade for Andrews. Mixon no, unless your team is chock full of top RBs. Both players seems like an awful lot to give. When you were drafting, would you have given up your first- and second-round picks for the opportunity to take the top TE?

The draft is history and reality has set in. Mixon is really struggling behind this OL and has a horrible match up for play offs. Much to consider.

Sure, they are an even trade, but is it a good trade? Improving your TE at the risk of your RB or WR positions is an answer only you can give.

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We’re talking “or” here, not “and”.

Would you have spent an early pick on a player whom you knew would be a top 6 WR? With the added bonus that you can start him in the TE slot, where 90% of all other teams in your league have to start a guy who doesn’t score half as many points?

In a dynasty league, I spent the 2022 1.12 and Pat Freiermuth to acquire Andrews, and while I absolutely love Freiermuth, I’m still very happy about that trade.

I’m still not sure I’d give up Mixon. Who are your other RBs, Joe?

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I’m not sure of even making the offer and who it will be but Andrews is very appealing to me.

Follow the RB progression here. I have Lions J Williams for at least a VG 2 weeks while Swift is injured. Brian Robinson scheduled to come off IR in 1-2 weeks, Jeff Wilson for a solid month of #1 in SF with a rested #1 Mitchell off IR to take his place. It was a fun puzzle to put together,

On the simpler side I have disappointing but improving Etienne and Akers.

Also, as you know, we can start 1 or up to 4 WRs or RBs which comes into play.
I have Lamb, AJ Brown, Hollywood Brown and London all looking very good with Burks on the verge.

Forgot Bama WR Jameson Williams, who is coming off IR in a few weeks. was ranked #1 before injury. I remember watching film on him before the draft.
He may well be the best rokie WR of the bunch, which is saying a lot.

So far this season Mixon has had 82 carries for 304 yards, a 2,5 yard average and 1 score.

He can turn it around but having doubts he will after seeing 4 games.

Lamb is easier to keep with the QB deal and his age in a to be keeper league,

Final offer in. I give Mixon and Schultz for Andrews and M Sanders.

Details in trade are always important. This is a start up hybrid keeper league where managers ca keep up to 8 players from this year’s roster. The cost will be the draft pick you spent this year will be gone next year.

IF this trade happens, Mixon was my #1 pick, last at 10. Andrews was the #3 pick
So, I get my #1 back and Andrews cost me my #3. However, I will be keeping my #3 in AJ. Yahoo rules dictate you lose the next available pick.

I’m keeping Etienne at 4, Herbert at 5 and my cost is the #6 pick for Schultz.

Much to consider in trade but it is some fun.