Bears or Jags DST?

Rainy weather today in the northeast…which is a better start? Bears/Jags?

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Even though they are playing Philly, the inclement weather only helps a defense. The Jags defense has played pretty good this season (I would say the defense is a major reason for their success to-date), with 7 sacks, 6 picks, and 2 fumbles recovered. Take the Jags here.

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I don’t like either and disagree with rain only helping D. On a slick field the guy on O knows where he is going and the D has no clue.

I do really like Jax Next week.

While this is true, you also don’t see as many points scored in bad weather.

One slip on a double move and a DB is toast for 7 and Philly has 2 WRs who can do that in addition to Godert and Hurts. I don’t tempt fate vs that team.