Need help with def

Well which def start this week

Washington at colts

Falcons vs panthers

Jags vs broncos

Vikings vs Arizona

Miami vs Detroit

Jags have been terrible last couple of games and game being in London maybe become a shoot out

Miami is playing away and they been average and Detroit gets all there skill players back this week

So Washington , Atlanta , Carolina makes most sense . Who is the best according to you guys

Thanks so much and good luck

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Falcons and Jags are neck-and-neck on this one. I’m leaning towards the Jags here, because Denver looks pretty done. Carolina looked like they were punting their season, until they curb-stomped Tom Brady and the Bucs last week.

But I’m going to take the Falcons here. The Falcons got stomped by the Bengals last week, and the Panthers did the stomping to the Bucs. Psychology dictates the opposite should happen this week.

Wash and Atlanta are a toss up for least bad. You toss the coin. :slight_smile: